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Locality: Tirana, Albania

Phone Number: +355 69 609 4444

Address: Hotel Hilton, Bulevardi Gjergj Fishta, Qendra e Pallateve Alpas, Kati II-të sipër Bankës Credins. 1000 Tirana, Albania

Website: zzgroup.company

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ZZ Group
There is an amount of reason Why Outsourcing to Albania: 1. The country’s strength lies on its capable multilingual and literate young workforce 2. Albania’s economy is considered stable and ranks among the fastest-growing economies in the continent, Europe, Investor-friendly 3. Albania ranks among the top five least expensive countries in Europe... 4. Friendly visa and work permit rules 5. One of the most economical nearshore BPO destinations 6. Albania was granted the EU candidate status and is waiting to start EU accession negotiations and the import of services may not be a concern form clients form the EU member countries. 7. Albania has a cultural affinity to Central and Eastern Europe. 8. The American dollar and Euro are commonly used currencies in Albania 9. Real Estate is about 40percent cheaper compared to the other countries of Eastern Europe 10. It is a NATO member since April 2009 11. SMAC ecosystem ready to satisfy needs of clients 12. Major investments in infrastructure and transportation, new roads, two airports planned to be constructed in the south, major seaports on the Adriatic and Ionian seas. 13. Well-educated population with about 160,000 annual university enrollment 14. A stable banking system, mostly foreign-owned. 15. Favorable labor costs and tax system Being still a developing country with a fragile economic system based on the service sector and tourism, Albania offers low labor costs for companies that are interested in outsourcing their services. Also, the taxation system is very favorable given that the tax on profits is only 15%. The procedures for opening a business in Albania are very simple and at low cost. 16. Strategic geographical location Albania has a very strategic location. It is located in the heart of Balkans, in front of Italy and bordered by Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro. Flights to other European countries last no more than 3-5 hours and the country is currently opening the second airport in Kukes northern city, near to Kosovo. #albania #bpoalbania #bposervices #zzgroup #zzgroupalbania #bpo #tirana
July 6, 2021, 1:00 PM
ZZ Group
Cancel all that cold outreach. Cold calls, cold emails, cold mailings, even trade shows need to be rethought. Instead, move all that money to ensuring your business is found when people are looking for businesses like yours. Make sure that when they do find you, they’re converting from anonymous visitors into leads. Then nurture those leads until they become customers. ... Optimize this effort week over week, using numbers to track your progress. That is the essence of inbound. See more
June 26, 2021, 1:00 PM
6 Ways for B2B Companies to Up Their Customer Experience Game. Read full article in the link below https://zzgroup.company/6-ways-for-b2b-companies-to-up-the/
June 21, 2021, 1:00 PM
ZZ Group
The success of your email campaigns depends on email open rate. If no one opens your email, then you cannot generate new business from email marketing. So, what is a good email open rate?
June 12, 2021, 1:00 PM
ZZ Group
Creating a vibrant corporate culture can be challenging because it requires careful nurturing. But it's worth it. Understanding how to deliberately guide the culture along as it lifts the organization to new heights can be one of the most rewarding skills an influential leader can develop. "If I had to give one reason why I have been fortunate enough to experience some success, it would be my knack of bringing together wonderful people." - has said Sir Richard Branson
June 5, 2021, 1:00 PM

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